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History of Pertamina

Pertamina operates as a state-owned company that controls the oil and natural gas industry in Indonesia. The company's activities include exploration, refining, production, transportation, and marketing. The company continued with its internal strategy, which focused company efforts on becoming a global oil and gas company able to compete with the leading companies in the world.

Being market leader for more than 30 years in Indonesia, Lubricant is a prospective business for PERTAMINA. The business covers domestic and overseas market, segmentized into Retail Lubricant and Industrial Lubricant. Apart from finished product marketing, PERTAMINA also supply Lube Base Oil Group I and Group III (commencing mid 2008) into domestic market. Our market share is currently 54% for the Retail Segment and 58% for the Industrial Segment.

More than 17 Brands are now available for the domestic Retail market, while 18 other Brands are available for the Industrial market. For the overseas marketing purpose, PERTAMINA launch 3 Brands as an extension from our domestic Brand. In the Lube Base Oil business, PERTAMINA produce and market 5 grades of Mineral (Group I) Base Oils, and 2 grades of Synthetic (Group III) Base Oils.

To support its business activities, PERTAMINA is operating 7 Marketing Regions, 180 Distributors, and 45 OliMart, widely spread from Sabang to Merauke.

Gedung Oil Centre lantai 6
Jalan MH. Thamrin Kav. 55
Jakarta Pusat 10350
P : +62 21 31907991
F : +62 21 31902757
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